When we understand our unique design and apply this understanding to our lives, we can effortlessly access and operate from within our individual zone-of-genius.

Understanding how to maintain and even gain energy throughout the day helps us learn faster, feel more motivated, be more productive, and connect more effectively and deeply with others. It also gives us the ability to optimize our relationships, and realize our full natural potential.

At HumanOp, we help companies accelerate growth by providing effective solutions to their most challenging people-problems.

On an individual level, we help people contribute and celebrate their unique gifts. Imagine, as parents, if we had access to each of our children’s unique operating manual?

The HumanOp solution literally takes the guesswork out of guiding, leading, and mentoring the most important people in our lives. Through a patented, objective, science-based assessment, we provide a unique solution for each person using insights and understanding from the tool to help them tap into their zone of genius.

Our process begins with an individual or each team member completing the Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) assessment. A unique ‘operating manual’ is then generated for every person.

The individual assessment reveals:
  • Natural talents and capabilities
  • Authentic needs and motivations
  • Level of tolerance for people, places and things
  • Unique method of communicating and connecting and committing information to memory
  • Amount of physical energy they have to contribute on a daily basis

For team assessments, the individual results are distilled into an overall team view that provides a baseline of understanding from which to improve organizational performance.

The team assessment reveals:
  • An in-depth understanding of how the individuals on your team naturally operate
  • How to fully leverage each person’s unique added-value
  • Potential areas of conflict and/or energy-drain among team members
  • Strategies that bridge the gap from conflict to resolution


The Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) is an accredited, cutting-edge technology that is found in nature and grounded in science. As a patented Human Assessment methodology, it provides an objective model of seeing oneself and others. No two people are exactly alike. You are as unique as your fingerprint and perfectly designed.

This advanced technology generates an exclusive ‘operating manual’ for individuals that identifies their unique authentic needs, motivators, along with how they best communicate, connect with others, and download information.

When you act in ways that are authentic and natural, you gain energy; when you have to learn and use something that is not natural for you... you lose energy.

Knowing how to “fuel” behaviors that feed or “drive” you will keep you energized and operating from a position of strength. In other words, it helps people to effortlessly access and operate from within their Zone-of-Genius.


  • Explains an individual or family member’s natural traits and behavior patterns based on objective data
  • Eliminates potential conflict by describing strong and weak states and their tell tale signs
  • Provides strategies to live a more fulfilling life, improve relationships and handle even the toughest situations with ease
HumanOp PRO
Professional coaching tool
  • Provides objective data on client’s natural traits, communication styles, relational alchemy and strong and weak-state behaviors
  • Eliminates the need for extended inquiry and trial and error to identify key issues
  • Provides effective tips and strategies to fast-track results for clients based on their motivational drivers
  • Empowers Human Resource departments with objective data to effectively optimize and leverage individual and team performance
  • Develops unique operating manuals for each individual in the organization enabling ideal placement, interaction and conflict resolution
  • Provides practical strategies to motivate both individuals and team to achieve goals
Marketing Analysis Technology
  • Creates ideal audience profiles with laser precision based on objective data from top performing clients or customers
  • Takes the guesswork out of what language to use in sales copy and when to use it
  • Taps into motivational drivers and provides strategies to engage with ideal clients in ways they can’t resist


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Wei Houng is an International Speaker & Trainer, Author, and Executive Coach with a background in Computer Science & Engineering and a cohesive minor in Business Management from UCLA... READ MORE

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Dr. Zannah Hackett, Ph.D is the Founder of The Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) technology. She is an author, professional public educator, speaker, relationship technologist, Master Life Coach and Trainer... READ MORE

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